Our Equipment

Here at Red Swordfish Studios, we know that good equipment only matters in the hands of the professionals. Luckily, we offer both of these things to our clients.

We make use of a variety of cameras on set, but as of July 2018, our primary camera is the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6k. This camera is capable of delivering Full HD and 4K Ultra HD with beautiful color and dynamic range. We pair it up with our Canon and Rokinon Cinema lenses to capture sharp imagery that looks good on any screen. For elaborate camera movements, we employ electronic stabilizer rigs, slider tracks and more to keep shots smooth and cinematic. For certain shooting locations, we make use of pro lighting equipment to ensure the best possible image quality. Our collection of video production microphones also allows us to capture crisp, clean audio when necessary.

Whatever the challenge, we have the equipment and the technical knowledge to offer unbelievable quality for a small operation.